Umbrakinesis Training to Shadow Adversaries

umbrakinesis training

In this article, the discussion will be on the umbrakinesis training technique known as Shadow Mimicry. In short, shadow mimicry is the act of transforming into a shadow or having several actual bodies made up of shadows. This is a key technique that is used in darkness manipulation. Having the capability to manipulate darkness and shadows in this way ensures that you can easily disorient your opponent, leaving them confused as to your current whereabouts at the time.

Transforming into a shadow not only makes your opponent disoriented, but it also easily allows the user to effortlessly carry out sneak attacks. The art of suprise is a powerful one. And it is one that the umbrakinesis shadow mimicry manipulator utilizes completely. This form of umbrakinesis is sometimes also called umbral physiology or shadow form. Nevertheless, I’m sure you get the point. It’s all about shadow manipulation. The user can completely immerse their bodies into a shadow and use it as a separate entity of themselves.

The user can teleport through shadows as well. This allows them to travel far distances with little to no effort on their part. They may also take the form of a shadow in the literal sense of actually existing as a shadow, leaving them virtually invincible during this time or merely existing outside of the shadow, but instead using it as a sort of camouflage. Also, they may use it as a type of vehicle to transport them anywhere they wish.

The concept of shadow camouflage is a pretty significant one when you think of all of the different ways that you can apply it. It not only can allow you to perform sneak attacks on your opponent, but it can also get you out of a bad situation if you find yourself in one. If your opponent seems to be more powerful than the user and they need to flee, there wouldn’t be much of an issue on the part of the umbrakinesis shadow mimicry user.

There is also the important umbrakinesis training skill of Umbrakinetic Creature Creation. That’s right. The umbrakinesis user who has this ability can manifest the existence of “shadow beings” which can attend to any whim of the user at will. Whether the user desires to create a separate entity of themselves to make the battle 2 on 1, create a group of fighters to assist him or her with their opponent, or even to create an entire army of shadow beings.

One can only imagine the true potency of such a skill as umbrakinetic creature creation. To have the ability to generate as many shadow beings as possible with whatever viciousness the user desires, is a great advantage to have.

As you can see, there are a ton of different umbrakinesis training techniques that fall under the skill of shadow mimicry. Whether you desire to use shadows as a means of transportation, to use sneak attacks, light absorption, force armor generation, shadow camouflage, to manifest shadow creatures, or more, this skill is without a doubt a very useful one indeed.


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