Umbrakinesis Techniques to Manipulate Darkness

umbrakinesis techniques

Umbrakinesis is the power to manipulate darkness and shadows. It is sometimes also called umbragenesis, shadow bending, erebokinesis, shadow element control, obtenebration, darkness control, etc. This is a very mysterious type of power that is not talked about much.

Nevertheless, there are many pretty interesting umbrakinesis techniques that have been displayed to benefit the user in a multitude of ways. Here, I’ll go over some key umbrakinesis techniques that can be seem being performed in many movies and comic books alike.

Changing and/or manipulating darkness is a pretty powerful tool. One of the most popular umbrakinesis techniques to allow one to accomplish this for the best results is to simply manifest, generate, or shape darkness to wherever the user desires. A great analogy of this is to think of how an octopus can eject ink when it feels in danger. This same concept can be used when thinking of how umbrakinesis techniques work.

The user can simply emit complete and utter darkness at any given time to virtually blind their opponent and escape if they so wish. Of course, on the other hand, they can use this great opportunity to attack their disoriented and confused opponent with virtually no repercussions at all. As long as the manipulator can pin point to their opponent’s location, then it’s like hitting a punching bag.

Some other key umbrakinesis techniques are that of emitting darkness over large areas or even entire planets for long periods of time, even eternally. Oh yea. What good would using umbrakinesis be without night vision. Yes, that’s right. Umbrakinesis users have the ability to see even in the emptiness of complete darkness. This is truly an incredible skill to possess. There are literally hundreds of opponents who would be literally helpless if such an event took place such as their entire region or planet being subdued to complete darkness. The umbrakinesis user would literally be invisible to their adversary.

Then there are the umbrakinesis techniques of using darkness as a catalyst for flight and teleportation. This adds even more danger to their opponent if the manipulator decides to emit complete and total darkness around them. Like if that wasn’t enough, right? With the ability to do this and teleport to any possible angle near their enemy that they so desire, along with night vision, leave’s them with oodles of advantages.

There are also the umbrakinesis techniques of shadow swimming. This is the act of actually hiding in shadows and being able to use them to maneauvor around your opponent and even take flight. Think of shadow swimming as the same as swimming in water. Darkness manipulators can literally “swim” through the night sky or darkness in general to get to whatever destination that they so desire.

As you can probably imagine, these umbrakinesis techniques are all quite incredible. They can leave their opponent literally helpless to any attack that the darkness manipulator chooses to inflict upon them. Check out more articles for more information on all of the different types of umrakinesis techniques and skills.


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