The Umbrakinesis Spell of Light Absorption

umbrakinesis spell

The umbrakinesis spell of light absorption is a very intriguing and sought after darkness manipulation technique. It works by having the user literally absorb the light from anything they desire. This can the entire light source of a city, a planet, or even of an individual. This umbrakinesis spell can mean trouble for a photokinesis (light manipulation) user. The darkness manipulator could easily absorb the light (energy) given off from the photokinesis user’s aura or from a light attack.

There are several ways that this umbrakinesis spell can greatly benefit its user. For one, it can aid the user if they are attempting to use the umbrakinesis technique known as “total darkness”. This is when the user emits complete and utter darkness around everything. If their opponent is a photokinesis user or if they just have a glowing aura, then the darkness manipulator can then easily absorb the light given off from them to give them the upper hand during combat.

Having the ability to absorb light also allows the user to be able to absorb attacks from their adversary. This ability can not only be used against photokinesis users, but also electrokinesis (electricity manipulation) users as well. An umbrakinesis user can easily absorb a light or electrical attack from their enemy. This is a huge advantage as this makes their adversary virtually helpless against the dark manipulator’s powers.

The umbrakinesis user can actually emit light via light absorption. Who would have ever thought? Well, it’s possible. If the darkness manipulator absorbs the light from an adversary or a light attack, then they can use that absorbed light energy to emit their own light attack. This can mean big trouble for their adversary as the umbrakinesis user would literally be able to mimic their opponents attacks if absorbed properly.

If things weren’t already bleak enough for the umbrakinesis’s opponent, absorbing the light energy from their adversary also limits their power. This makes it virtually impossible for their adversary to have the upper hand against them. The darkness manipulator can even attain light immunity which can make them completely immune to any light attacks that make come at them.

Using the umbrakinesis spell of light absorption can also allow the user to be able to emit a light shield which can protect them from a nearby adversary’s attacks. This can be highly beneficial to the user if they are fighting off several opponents. Emitting a light shield surrounding them can protect them from light attacks and many other attacks they their opponent may shoot at them. This gives the umbrakinesis user a huge upper hand.

In conclusion, the umbrakinesis spell of light absorption is a highly effective one to use. It can aid the umbrakinesis user in a plethora of different ways. It can allow them to mimic light attacks by absorbing them from their opponent, they can attain light immunity, and they can even absorb the light from an entire planet or star if they are powerful enough to do so. This makes for a very lethal dark manipulator.