The Umbrakinesis Power of Umbrakinetic Flight

umbrakinesis umbrakinetic flight

The Umbrakinesis Power of Umbrakinetic Flight

Umbrakinesis is defined as the manipulation of darkness. With that being said, a plethora of different skills and techniques are available to an experienced umbrakinesis user. Your mind can really get creative here, like with umbrakinetic flight. This darkness manipulation superpower allows the user to be able to take flight via the utilization of darkness/shadows. This has a ton of usages, benefits, and some disadvantages of course. So, let’s get in to it!

The ability to fly, glide, or just simply to levitate is all possible for this type of umbrakinesis user. Let’s go over some key reasons as to why this umbrakinesis power is so lucrative to the individual themselves. Well, first of all, who would ever think that someone who can manipulate darkness could also be able to use such darkness to take flight? So, unless the particular umbrakinesis user exercising this skill is well known, then the element of surprise is all but absent.

It can greatly enhance the umbrakinesis user’s ability to successfully carry out darkness attacks upon their adversary too. Instead of just simply standing in the line of fire and then attacking, virtually trading hits from one another, they can instead quickly take flight to not only disorient their opponent, but also to help give them more leverage. This is a huge advantage that can mean the difference between victory and failure.

Besides the obvious of getting from point A to point B much faster, the ability to quickly flee from a dangerous situation is another great advantage of this umbrakinesis skill. If things get too out of hand or if their opponent seems to be too powerful for the darkness manipulator to deal with, then they can dart out of the way by taking flight via the darkness around them. As you may or may not imagine, there are some disadvantages of this technique that can arise…

The main disadvantage of the umbrakinesis power of umbrakinetic flight is the fact that darkness must be present for the user to actually take flight. If no darkness is present, it just won’t happen. It’s like trying to get wet without liquid. However, there are some umbrakinesis users who can generate darkness at will. They can exercise this by¬†emitting darkness around themselves only, for the benefit of taking flight. Also, they can generate what’s called absolute darkness if they wished. This is just as you would imagine. It’s complete and utter darkness that surrounds everything.

All in all, the umbrakinesis power of umbrakinetic flight is very beneficial to the darkness manipulator for many different reasons. It can be used to help them get to far away distances relatively quickly. It can be used to help confuse their opponent as well. And let’s not forget how it can be used for defensive purposes. Having the ability to flee the situation or battle is an extremely useful advantage that the umbrakinesis user can exercise if things get too dangerous for them.