Umbrakinesis Night Vision Superpowers

umbrakinesis superpowers

Umbrakinesis Night Vision Superpowers

The umbrakinesis superpower of night vision, also known as nocturnal vision, is a highly effective darkness manipulation technique to use. Powerful umbrakinesis users who have the ability to emit what’s called “total darkness” and night vision would have an unbelievable upper hand on their opponent for obvious reasons. Most superheroes/villains can’t see in darkness. So, this makes them virtually paralyzed in the total darkness around them.

Once an umbrakinesis user emits total darkness and utilizes night vision, they can then take advantage of many other tools that they now have at their dispensary. For one, when an umbrakinesis user is surrounded by darkness, they experience heightened power, strength, and ability. Also, some users cannot even practice umbrakinesis without being in the presence of darkness itself. So, for some individuals night vision is a must. Luckily, this superpower is quite commonplace for darkness manipulators.

So, how exactly can an umbrakinesis user fully take advantage of this superpower? Well, for one they can use an array of dark attacks via the total darkness around them by using night vision. Some dark attacks include: using darkness as a weapon, generating weapons via darkness, etc. There’s sort of a chain reaction here that easily becomes evident when you put everything together. Nevertheless, the ability to perform such an attack would allow the user to be virtually invincible.

Okay, so not only does the user have the great benefits of emitting total darkness, having night vision, and performing dark attacks, but they can also utilize darkness as a means of transportation. See, darkness manipulators can easily use shadows and darkness to travel. They can travel very far distances in extremely short amounts of time. This only adds insult to injury when it comes to the umbrakinesis user’s adversary. Be that as it may, this only adds to the legitimacy and necessity of the night vision superpower.

As you may have guessed, this superpower like most, has some disadvantages. A notable disadvantage of the umbrakinesis superpower of night vision is the fact that these users are typically hypersensitive to light. This can be a problem especially if an umbrakinesis user is battling a photokinesis user (light manipulator). This would make for a pretty interesting battle though, right? This would be similar to a pyrokinesis user (fire manipulator) battling a hydrokinesis (water manipulator).

In conclusion, the umbrakinesis superpower of night vision is a highly beneficial one to say the least. From having the ability to virtually blind their adversaries to being able to perform sneak attack upon sneak attack. This makes things much easier for the darkness manipulator. Most superheroes/villains don’t have the ability to emit light upon will.

So, there wouldn’t be much in your way of accomplishing your goal of emitting total darkness and using night vision to perform dark attacks on your opponent. This is what makes this psychic power so legitimate and desirable. Feel free to check out some other awesome umbrakinesis superpowers and techniques by clicking the link here!