Umbrakinesis Meaning and How It’s Used

umbrakinesis meaning

Umbrakinesis Meaning and How It’s Used.

What exactly is the proper umbrakinesis meaning? Well, in short, umbrakinesis is the psychic ability to fully manipulate darkness. This means having the ability to control shadows, emit darkness at will, use darkness as a weapon, as a catalyst for transportation, and many more types of ways. Umbrakinesis can be seen being used in many very popular comics, TV shows, and movies.

To help you better understand the proper umbrakinesis meaning, here are some examples of this darkness manipulation technique…

Shadow mimicry

The umbrakinesis skill known as shadow mimicry is exercised by having the umbrakinesis user use shadows as a type of puppet string against their opponent. With this being said, they can use shadows to control the bodily movements of their adversary. This is a very useful umbrakinesis skill to have, especially if their opponent uses their limbs (non-kinetic ways) to attack.

Emit darkness

Emitting darkness can truly be a paralyzing experience for their opponent. Most adversaries would not be able to cope so well in complete and total darkness. This would be a sure way to have the upper hand on your opponent. Of course, the umbrakinesis user who can exercise such a skill as this would most certainly also have night vision. This is essential for obvious reasons.

Shadow weapons

The skilled umbrakinesis user who can truly utilize darkness to the greatest degree can enjoy a plethora of weapons created via that of darkness/shadows. This concept may seem difficult to understand at face value, but as you probably could imagine, some imagination is necessary. This is also due to the fact that such darkness weapons first become manifest in the mind of the umbrakinesis user. This means that they can yield any darkness weapon that they can conceive of.

Darkness transportation

Using darkness/shadows as a means of transportation is another noteworthy umbrakinesis skill to have. The umbrakinesis user who possesses this technique can use shadows to teleport anywhere they so desire. If they are not skilled enough to be able to emit darkness themselves, then they must first find darkness before they can use it for transportation purposes.

As you can see, the umbrakinesis meaning is that of great skill and uniqueness. These umbrakinesis techniques can greatly help anyone against their opponent to have the upper hand. This quickly becomes apparent due to the many different types of skills one can exercise with umbrakinesis.

The only other type of kinesis skill that would be a proper match to that of the umbrakinesis user is known as photokinesis. Photokinesis is referred to as being the opposite of umbrakinesis. Yes, it is the kinetic ability to manipulate light. One can only imagine of what an epic battle that would be: A highly skilled umbrakinesis user vs a highly skilled photokinesis user.

Nevertheless, exercising such a skill as powerful as umbrakinesis gives virtually anyone an advantage on their opponent, regardless of the situation. With this being said, it is no question as to how sought after this skill is.