Umbrakinesis Exercises To Emit Darkness

umbrakinesis exercises

Using umbrakinesis exercises, you will easily be able to manipulate your opponent. Whether that means to control their every move via Shadow Marionette, using umbrakinesis to emit total darkness around them (temporarily blinding them), using the raw energy of shadows themselves to inflict damage upon your victims.

 Regardless of the reason for one to utilize umbrakinesis, the outcomes are almost always in their advantage. Dwelling further into the concept of “emitting darkness” upon your opponent, the skill known as Absolute Darkness is essential for carrying out this task.

What absolute darkness is, well… It’s just that. The ability to emit a blanket of complete darkness. This not only temporarily blinds your adversary, but it also disorients them to the point of total confusion, especially of their proprioception. Such a vital occurrence would surely be taken advantage of by the user of this very potentially lethal umbrakinesis skill.

This skill is also sometimes referred to as Eternal Darkness or Blinding Darkness. However, regardless of what its called, I’m sure you get the picture. It’s associated with Eternal Night Inducement, Darkness Attacks, Darkness Manipulation, and Dark World Manipulation.

It’s of vital importance, for very obvious reasons, that the user of this skill have very good night vision. Performing such acts as Dark World Manipulation or Eternal Night Inducements require incredible night vision abilities to successfully induce efficient darkness attacks.

Some notable users of these very potent umbrakinesis exercises are as follows:

  • Allison Underhill (Kaijudo)
  • Dark Ness (Happy Ness)
  • Simon (Fairy Tale)
  • Kename Tosen (Bleach)
  • Halval (Ah! My Goodness)
  • Shadow Lass (DC Comics)

The umbrakinesis skill of absolute darkness is even seen in the Dragon Ball Z movie Dead Zone!

This skill is fantastic for attempting a quick escape for example. If the user happens to find themselves not inflicting much damage upon their opponent, then they might need to avert to plan b. That plan of course being to flee as soon as possible. This may not always be a legitimate possibility during the actual time of combat. If this is so, the user can simply emit absolute darkness to give themselves the perfect opportunity to flee. And they can flee by not only the fact that they will be unseen, but they can also use the darkness itself as a catalyst to maneuver them in any direction they wish. Think of them using the darkness as a type of vehicle if you will.

As you can probably imagine, umbrakinesis exercises such as these are very important and very effective methods to accomplish whatever goal the user has at that individual time. Whether there goal is to flee, use the darkness as a vehicle, confuse their opponent, disorient them, or inflict a sneak attack on them, your execution in any endeavor should be successful without a doubt. This umbrakinesis skill has been used in many instances for many different reasons. And for good reason! Who wouldn’t want to use such a potent, yet useful umbrakinesis skill after all?


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