Umbrakinesis Diabolical Darkness Manipulation

diabolical darkness

Umbrakinesis Diabolical Darkness Manipulation

The umbrakinesis technique of diabolical darkness manipulation is the superpower to control evil or demonic darkness. This superpower also allows the user to manipulate the darkness of hell as well. This is supposedly an extremely powerful type of darkness that only an evil or demonic umbrakinesis user could control and/or generate. Nevertheless, this hellish darkness manipulation technique allows for the user to generate an immense amount of power and energy.

The umbrakinesis ability of absolute darkness sits at the cornerstone of diabolic darkness manipulation. This is when the the umbrakinesis user emits total and complete darkness. Thus, theoretically blinding their adversary due to total pitch black darkness. As you can obviously imagine, this would give them an insurmountable advantage during combat. There are only a select few individuals who would be able to combat such a dark attack (e.g. photokinesis users).

Pain inducement is another popular skill for the umbrakinesis diabolic darkness manipulator. This allows the user to inflict horrific pain upon their adversary by the use of darkness. Depending on the user of this demonic superpower, they can inflict a plethora of different injuries upon their victims, even death. Using pain inducement can allow one to hinder an opponent’s main attributes, or perhaps even make them completely powerless.

Corruption inducement is a very deceptive umbrakinesis technique that one can use to turn a good character bad. They can easily influence and convince an opponent or an opponent’s ally to take their side in the seat of darkness. This type of manipulation is extremely useful for as it can make for a very difficult situation for their enemy. If the umbrakinesis user has successfully corrupted an enemies ally, and then instruct that ally to attack their former comrade, this can then greatly help the diabolic darkness manipulator.

Torment inducement is a very vicious type of umbrakinesis ability that does just that, torment. This can be done by forcing illusions upon their opponent or by physical torment. Regardless of the way that the umbrakinesis user utilizes this┬ádiabolic darkness technique, it is without a doubt effective. The way at which the user can exercise this technique will most likely depend on how they feel that their adversary will react to it. Thus, they’ll probably conform the specificity of the torment inducement based on what they feel will be most effective.

Absolute destruction is where the umbrakinesis user can exercise diabolic darkness to incinerate virtually anything in their path. This can cause havoc and panic among their opponents. This shock value is a huge advantage for the umbrakinesis user, as well as the fact that such power to destroy puts them in a class of their own.

In conclusion, this is a pretty evil umbrakinesis technique. It has many different types of usages that can be seen in several different types of comic books and movies. It goes without question that the umbrakinesis technique of diabolic darkness manipulation is just that, diabolic.