Umbrakinesis Darkness Construct Techniques


The umbrakinesis skill known as Darkness Constructs is without a doubt a very useful and effective one to implement. In short, this umbrakinesis skill allows the user to create tools, weapons, and other items that they can use to their liking via the manipulation of darkness. The user who can master this skill has many potent tools at their disposal, as you can probably imagine.

There is no limit as to what this umbrakinesis user can generate via darkness. Any tool or weapon that they desire to manifest will manifest into existence, and their opponent will indefinitely feel the effects.
Individual tools and weapons aren’t the only things that one can generate via darkness contructs. They can also create entire structures (semi-living or inanimate) for whatever purpose they so choose.

This type of umbrakinesis manipulator can literally bring into manifestation any object they can possibly conceive. It doesn’t even have to be an object or weapon that they have previously seen before in their experience. It can be an object based soley out of pure imagination. This makes things very interesting for the user can create any object that they can think of, whether a real version of it exists in the real world or not. Their realm of thought is merely enough to bring into existence any object they wish.

Armors, barriers, platforms, weapons, and restraints are just a small handful of the many different ways that the umbrakinesis user can utilize for their benefit.

In fact, shadow armors can reach the size of entire barriers if they they wish it to be so. This can be extremely helpful for the user to virtually guarantee momentary invincibility from their adversary. This is a great skill to display if the user happens to find themselves become a victim of a sneak attack or a group attack and they seem to be overpowered. This capability depends on the individual power of the user of course.
The umbrakinetic weapons that can be generated are among literally anything that you can fathom. Blades, whips, military type weaponry, darkness energy weapons, and so on are just a minute fraction of what’s possible and available to the umbrakinesis darkness construct manipulator.

One of the major downfalls of this umbrakinesis skill is that the user may only implement it in the presence of darkness. They in fact cannot generate darkness themselves. Unless of course they are a superior umbrakinetic being who possesses a wide array of darkness and shadow skills, like being able to generate darkness at will. So, if they do not posses these additional skills, then they are subject to the amount of darkness in their surrounding area.

Another unfortunate potential disadvantage for those who can display this skill is the mere fact that there inherent ability to utilize these skills is greatly dependent upon how powerful they are. They might not quite be powerful enough to manifest any skill that they can think of. It may be limited based their umbrakinetic skills.


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