Umbrakinesis Darkness Aura Techniques

darkness aura

Umbrakinesis Darkness Aura Techniques

The umbrakinesis technique called darkness aura is a very useful one. It can help one to easily flee from a very dangerous situation, as well as to perform an efficient sneak attack. So, what is the darkness aura technique? Well, in a nutshell it’s basically the act of engulfing oneself entirely in darkness. This umbrakinesis skill has more benefits than you may think. In this article, we’ll show just that as we’ll go over some of the most lucrative techniques one can use when exercising darkness aura.

┬áThe first and most obvious of benefits is using this skill as a means to easily flee from a dangerous situation. Obviously the lighting outside or wherever the confrontation is taking place must be either very dark or at least dim. It wouldn’t do much help to try hiding in a shadow on a beautiful sunny day. Would it?

There’s also the possibility of using darkness aura techniques to perform a sneak attack on their opponent. If the environment that they’re fighting in is already pretty dark, then having the ability to hide themselves in pitch black darkness would be greatly advantageous for them, as they could easily be able to attack their adversary untouched and unseen.

Using their darkness aura as a means of flight is another very useful umbrakinesis technique that one can utilize to their advantage. The user who is skilled enough to exercise such a technique would be able to easily take flight at will once engulfed in darkness. Once again, this allows for not only quick getaways, but also for quick attacks.

Shadow armor allows the umbrakinesis user to be virtually invincible to their opponent’s attacks. This works by them using the darkness surrounding them as a type of shield. This is a huge advantage for them that can greatly take their opponent off guard.

As you could probably imagine, once the umbrakinesis user exercises darkness aura and is completely surrounded by darkness, they will gain much more power due to them absorbing the energy from the darkness itself. This, in turn greatly heightens their abilities when performing various types of umbrakinesis techniques.

Depending on the opponent that they are facing, the element of fear is always present when dealing with an umbrakinesis user. This inducement of fear may be enough to greatly hinder their opponent’s ability to perform at their peak during combat. This would make it to where the darkness manipulator would not even have to give it their all, given the agitated state of their adversary.

As you can see, the darkness aura technique is a very useful one to have. It can help you to flee from a dangerous situation or perform a sneak attack. These are all great for utilizing the element of surprise. Using this technique can also allow one to utilize flight. Once surrounded by darkness, the umbrakinesis user can easily take flight to aid them in their ventures. Also, darkness aura can act as a shield to protect them from their enemies attacks.