umbrakinesis darkness

umbrakinesis spell

The umbrakinesis spell of light absorption is a very intriguing and sought after darkness manipulation technique. It works by having the user literally absorb the light from anything they desire. This can the entire light source of a city, a planet, or even of an individual. This umbrakinesis spell can mean trouble for a photokinesis
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umbrakinesis superpowers

Umbrakinesis Night Vision Superpowers The umbrakinesis superpower of night vision, also known as nocturnal vision, is a highly effective darkness manipulation technique to use. Powerful umbrakinesis users who have the ability to emit what’s called “total darkness” and night vision would have an unbelievable upper hand on their opponent for obvious reasons. Most superheroes/villains can’t
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umbrakinesis grim

Umbrakinesis Grim Darkness Manipulation The umbrakinesis superpower of grim darkness manipulation is the ability to control the destructive, detrimental nature of shadows/darkness. The only way that an umbrakinesis user can actually exercise such a skill is by using it to destroy, inflict damage, or in any other capacity to induce harm to their enemy or
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diabolical darkness

Umbrakinesis Diabolical Darkness Manipulation The umbrakinesis technique of diabolical darkness manipulation is the superpower to control evil or demonic darkness. This superpower also allows the user to manipulate the darkness of hell as well. This is supposedly an extremely powerful type of darkness that only an evil or demonic umbrakinesis user could control and/or generate.
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darkness aura

Umbrakinesis Darkness Aura Techniques The umbrakinesis technique called darkness aura is a very useful one. It can help one to easily flee from a very dangerous situation, as well as to perform an efficient sneak attack. So, what is the darkness aura technique? Well, in a nutshell it’s basically the act of engulfing oneself entirely
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umbrakinesis meaning

Umbrakinesis Meaning and How It’s Used. What exactly is the proper umbrakinesis meaning? Well, in short, umbrakinesis is the psychic ability to fully manipulate darkness. This means having the ability to control shadows, emit darkness at will, use darkness as a weapon, as a catalyst for transportation, and many more types of ways. Umbrakinesis can
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The umbrakinesis skill known as Darkness Constructs is without a doubt a very useful and effective one to implement. In short, this umbrakinesis skill allows the user to create tools, weapons, and other items that they can use to their liking via the manipulation of darkness. The user who can master this skill has many potent tools
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umbrakinesis exercises

Using umbrakinesis exercises, you will easily be able to manipulate your opponent. Whether that means to control their every move via Shadow Marionette, using umbrakinesis to emit total darkness around them (temporarily blinding them), using the raw energy of shadows themselves to inflict damage upon your victims.